Landhi Engineering Works (Pvt.) Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Leaf Spring Assemblies and Leaf Spring Leaves for all type of Vehicles. We are the First ISO 9001:2008 certified company in the field of manufacturing of Leaf Spring in Pakistan. We are the regular vendor for OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturers) and supplying Leaf Spring Assemblies to Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hino, Daewoo, Hyundai, FAW for their trailer, Buses, Dumpers, Truck, Tractor.

We are using Raw Material from world renowned Raw Material (Alloy Steel Flat Bars) Source M/s. Peoples Steel Mills Ltd., Karachi, Pakistan.

Raw Material & Accessories

LEW Springs, have a consistently high level of resilience.
LEW Springs are proof tested to 90% of yield stress to carry rated loads (Scragging).
LEW Springs have higher heat treated strength levels to improve fatigue life.
Largest number of machines from M/s Spring Manufacturing Technologies, UK in Pakistan.
Accurate checking of spring constant.
High endurance life of final products.
Well equipped with latest machines for:

  • Automatic eye rolling
  • Continuous tempering
  • Stress peening
  • Taper rolling
  • Scragging
  • Endurance testing

Has high yield strength, which in turn gives more fatigue life than any other springs.
Flexible production from 50 x 6 mm to 120 x 20 mm cross sections flat bars.
“CAD CAM Facility”
“Reverse Engineering Capability”
“Prototyping Capability”

Atomic absorption
De-carburization depth.
Chemical & physical analysis.
Universal testing
ISO 9001/2008 certified company
Inspection of incoming material and vendorized parts.
In-line inspection of radiator and spring.
Statistical process control
Continuous improvement to reduce rework and rejection of both the products.
Calibration of measuring equipments internally and externally.
Identify the non-conformities of the quality management system.
Testing of material e.g. tensile test, microstructure, decarburize depth.