Manufacturing Processes

We have automatic Eye Rolling line,
Rapid heater, Scarfing & Rolling all the operations complete in one heat under Controlled Temperature

eye01 eye02

Fully Temperature Controlled Batch Type Furnaces From SMT.
Metallurgical Transformation from Austenitic to Martensitic is taken place.

hardering-03 hardering-01 hardering-02

Latest Continuous Tempering Furnace, whose temperature is super check by Temperature Over Rider.
Conveyor speed depends upon Metallurgical requirement of transformation from Martensite to Tempered Martensite. Final Product is 99% Tempered Martensite structure.


Brinell Hardness Tester to check Hardness of Leaves.

hardering-04 hard01-1 hardness

It is used to increase Fatigue life of spring.
Shots apply on leaf on Tension Side at high velocity of impact to induce compressive stress.

pee peening01

To check Spring Constant & load behavior of spring